Monday, March 19, 2012

How To Achieve The Hippy Style Of Dressing

Hippy clothing such as the hippy dress, fringed jeans, and tee shirts represent a period in history when young people broke free from restrictions imposed by society.  The clothes they wore during the 60s are quite loose and comfortable, expressing their nonconformist attitude.  Today, it would be easy to achieve the hippy‑style of dressing.  For guys, all you need to wear are patched or fringed jeans, tee shirt, and a leather vest.  For women, you can wear a short dress or a long flowing skirt and a peasant blouse.  If you want to wear jeans, it will have to be the bell‑bottom style.  Tie‑dyed garments are also symbolic of that era.  There are also accessories that would complete your hippy look such as the big sunglasses, headband, headscarf, and beaded necklace.  If you want to look authentic in your hippy getup, you should order hippy clothing online where you can be sure that the designs, patterns, colors, and cut are typical of the 60s.

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