Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hippy Clothes: A Carefree Way Of Dressing

Back in the 60s, dressing up in hippy clothes is a way for the young generation of that time to express themselves as nonconformists to society’s rules.  They dressed up exactly as they please with disregard for what is considered proper to society’s standards.  The men wore patched or fringed jeans, tee shirts, leather vest, and leather sandals while the women wore bell‑bottom jeans, halter-top, wide belt, and a headband.  Women can also wear a peasant blouse and long, free‑flowing skirt.  These clothes are frowned upon during that time.  When you dress in hippy style during the 60s, you are actually making a statement about rejecting society’s rules and established institutions.  You are declaring that you want and are enjoying a carefree lifestyle.  When you don a hippy getup these days, you are making a fashion statement.  It is easy to achieve the hippy look because you can buy the clothes and accessories for this online.

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