Friday, March 23, 2012

Embracing The Hippie Fashion Of The 1960s

The hippie fashion of the 60s is all about dressing in loose and comfortable clothing because it represents a nonconformist attitude.  The young people of that era wanted freedom from restrictions so they wear clothes that do not restrict their movements.  You buy hippie bags, accessories, and clothes online if you want to embrace the hippie fashion.  Most people these days embrace their individuality much like the young generation of the 60s so it makes sense that you can understand their fashion philosophy.  The hippie clothes and accessories are not just comfortable but also espouse freedom, love, and peace.  You will find flowers and the peace symbol to be the predominant designs on the clothing and accessories.  A popular song inspired the flower design during what they call the “Summer of Love” in the 60s about wearing flowers on your hair.  The song was a homecoming song for Vietnam veterans.  Hippies advocate peace.  You can say that embracing hippie fashion is like embracing peace and freedom as well.

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